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Support for Personal Injury Cases

We know the math. Work with us and you will, too.

When you’ve been injured, it can be tough to make sense of the dollar amount that the insurance company puts on the table for your settlement. Do you take the lump sum or the structured settlement? How can you use that money to get back on your feet today, while saving enough for tomorrow? 

Torchlight Resolutions helps injured parties and their attorneys make sense of the money involved in personal injury cases. We arm you with the same investment knowledge and capabilities that the insurance company has, so you fully understand the potential financial outcomes of your settlement.

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Personal Injury Services

Education Around Money

They say knowing is half the battle. When it comes to understanding your settlement options, knowing about money matters is more like 99% of the battle. Whether you’re a novice or a money whiz, we can help you understand the monetary impacts of various settlement options.   

Whether you’re considering a structured settlement or lump sum payment, you should understand the short- and long-term financial concepts. We can work with your attorney to help get you prepared for a wide range of results. And when offers are on the table, we quickly evaluate them to help you understand what it is you may be accepting in a negotiation.

Expert Testimony

Personal injury settlements come with a complex web of figures and calculations. Through our expert testimony, we ensure that the judge and jury understand how the numbers will work to get you back on track. 

Torchlight’s testimony is especially helpful when it comes to the long-term value of your settlement versus the offer being made or amount being proposed by the insurance company’s lawyers. We arm you and your attorney with the complex calculations insurance companies have been using for years, so you’re playing on level ground.

Personal Injury Support

Lump Sum vs. Structured Settlement

The bigger number isn’t always better. Torchlight can help you weigh whether a lump sum payout today would be preferable to a structured settlement over time — and what the impact of your decision might have on your taxes and eligibility for government benefits.

Income Modeling

A settlement or judgment may give you a comfortable income for the rest of your life, but there are a lot of factors at play. What is your medical need? How much outside income are you receiving? What is your history with money, and are you good with money? 

Torchlight ensures all factors are appropriately weighed and considered to set you up for a predictable income post-settlement.

Ongoing Medical Cost Assessment

Medical costs can add a good deal of stress to an already stressful time in your life. As part of negotiations, the Torchlight team will make sure that your needs — both now and down the road — are accurately assessed and factored into your settlement.

Settlement vs. Trial

You and your attorney will ultimately decide whether to accept a settlement or to risk going to court. With Torchlight on your team, you’ll have a full, accurate picture of how things are likely to play out so you can make an informed, confident decision.

Personal Injury Settlement Valuation

Real-Time Valuation

We don’t let conjecture stand in the way of a fair settlement. Torchlight helps both parties understand the real-time figures being discussed and how they actually impact your financial situation, so nothing is left to guesswork.

Long-Term Valuation

All those zeroes sure sound good right now — but what about 10 years down the road? What about 20? Our role in personal injury mediation is to make sure that your settlement makes just as much sense for future you as it does for present-day you.

Financial Forecasting

You finally reached a settlement — now what? You have your whole life ahead of you, and the team at Torchlight is here to help you make the most of it.

Our experts have the certifications and the experience to help you make sense of your financial future, and build confidence that you’re headed in the right direction. Together we can make your settlement last and put it to work for the next chapter of your life.


The road to recovery starts with a fair settlement.

Walk the path with confidence with Torchlight Resolutions by your side.

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